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Specs + Details for Kane Security Screens

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While we create what many consider the gold standard for railings, ornamental fabrications, security screens and detention equipment, what we do is about what our products accomplish, rather than what we make. It's first and foremost about protecting people. Learn what makes us the guardians of safe environments.

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Level 3: Light Vandalism Screens

Vandal Shield

A-VSR-Z - Spec + Detail Sell Sheet


A-VSR-Z - Specification

a-vsr-z-spec.docx | a-vsr-z-spec.pdf

Level 4: Medium Vandalism Security Screens


A-PRO-Z - Spec + Detail Sell Sheet


A-PRO-B - Spec + Detail Sell Sheet



A-GRD-Z - Spec + Detail Sell Sheet


Narrowline Medium

S-NR5-B - Spec + Detail Sell Sheet


S-NR5-B - Specification

s-nr5-b-rev-a.docx | s-nr5-b-rev-a.pdf

Level 5: Heavy Vandalism Security Screens

Narrowline Heavy

S-NR5-Z - Spec + Detail Sell Sheet


S-NR5-O - Spec + Detail Sell Sheet


Crime Shield

E-CS2-Z - Spec + Detail Sell Sheet


Level 6: Medium Security Screens


S-VAN-O - Spec + Detail Sell Sheet


A-VNG-Z - Detail - Surface Mount